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Luke Copland. Mariama's interest in the environment was honed whilst growing up on a sustainable organic farm in driftless Wisconsin, and was further developed whilst studying geography at Durham University.

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Her dissertation fieldwork in southern Iceland peaked her interest in ice-climate interactions and prompted her to pursue this topic further. At UMaine she evaluated changes in ice-melt variability off the coast of Antarctica, relating patterns in melting of icebergs and to variations in glacier length and flow. In her free time, Mariama can be found running, climbing up mountains, working in public science communication or getting muddy whilst wandering off trail or orienteering.

Mariama was a staff member on the Juneau Icefield Research Program this summer and has taken an outdoor education job in New Mexico. Her Honors Thesis focused on examining patterns in submarine melting of icebergs in Antarctica inferred using very high-resolution satellite images to those estimated using ocean temperature and velocity outputs from the Southern Ocean State Estimate numerical model.

Emily earned Highest Honors for her thesis.

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Emily has worked for the Maine Department of Marine Resources since earning her degree and is presently applying for other jobs to gain experience outside of academia before heading to graduate school. Andrew worked with glaciology grad student William Kochtitzky to map Alaskan glacier surges as part of a Maine Space Grant Consortium-funded undergraduate research project.

Andrew focused in particular on Turner Glacier, using Landsat imagery to discover that Turner has the most frequent surge interval of any glacier in Alaska and possibly the planet. Andrew earned Highest Honors for his thesis. He is now pursing a MS with Dr. She hails originally from New Jersey, where she worked in consulting for a few years before starting her PhD in Maine.

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Her desire to study glaciology came about while she was earning her Bachelor's degree from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Jessica is interested in the flow of glaciers and ice sheets, how they change through time, and how humans interact with their environment.

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Her dissertation research focused on interactions between glaciers and the ocean "ice-ocean interactions" , which she investigated using icebergs observed in satellite imagery. Jessica has held a number of positions since earning her degree, all of which have focused on open-source data in the Earth Sciences using the skills she developed in computer programming and data management during her degree.

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During her senior year, Alex extracted submarine melt rate estimates for icebergs calved from glaciers in SE Greenland and western Antarctica. Alex used these data in her capstone thesis, which she presented during the School of Marine Sciences capstone symposium. During her 3 years as a member of my research group, Caroline worked with hundreds of very high-resolution satellite images so that she could construct records of iceberg melting near seven large glaciers draining the Greenland Ice Sheet.

She is now a Fellow for the Island Institute, working with island communities in Maine to support their community and environment. Search this site. Report abuse.